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The Rules

This isn't a race. Or an official attempt at some kind of record. Nor do I want it to be - it is my own adventure.

That said, I do want the GlobalRun to be recognised as a circumnvigation of the Earth on foot (should I complete it!), and to that end, I will follow the rules laid out by the World Runners Association (WRA).


The WRA has been set up to provide rules and regulate any such running or walking circumnavigation attempts. Their website is linked below and the main rules on what constitutes a circumnavigation are shown on this page.

The journey will generally be unsupported and predominantly solo BUT it won’t be strictly unsupported – I will accept support along the way, if for instance somebody offers me some food, or a lift off route to a shop/hotel for example (continuing the run from where I left the route of course).


Start and Finish at the same point


A minimum distance travelled of 26,232km on foot


All lines of longitude are crossed during the journey (whether on foot or by interconnecting transport over seas) and in the same genral direction to ensure that the route is as much of a continous circumnavigation as possible


Must cross a minimum of 4 continents from "coast to coast" and a minimum of 3,000km per continent.


Pass through antipodal points on the globe

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