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the IDEA

I wanted to be outside more and I wanted a distance running challenge...why not run across a continent I thought, well if I do that then I might as well go around the world was my second thought. I'm an idiot. 


The basic premise was simple, to circumnavigate the world. I read books by Rosie Swale Pope and Jesper Olsen. I looked into it more and I found the World Runners Association who verify such endeavours with the founding members having done a circumnavigation themselves.


I tip my hat to Jesper Olsen (twice), Rosie Swale Pope, Tom Denniss, Tony Mangan, Kevin Carr, Serge Girard and soon-to-complete Marie Leautey (LootieRun) for their WRA-verified circumnavigations of the world and therefore the inspiration for my own. If I can do it then I will therefore become the eighth recorded person to run around the world!


So, that's the plan - a quick lap of the world! Every metre of the route will be undertaken continuously on foot. No gaps except for any required crossings of bodies of water. This means I start one day where I finished the last. This is fundamental to the concept of a circumnavigation and the integrity of myself and the attempt. If I skipped even a mile – I would know. I would always know. You’re only cheating yourself!

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